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Order information

Artwork Ownership:

Since this is a personal commission, I will still retain copyright and full rights of the artwork.

September 2023: I am accepting commissions starting this month onwards. I’ll be sharing a spreadsheet of pending commissions/progress.

order info/tos - Devselia


  • Client must be 18+

  • Communication during the process must be done through either e-mail or kofi DMs

  • Client must abide to my limits on what I can/cannot do

  • Client and Artist must communicate with each other in duration of art completion

  • Updates will be sent to the client, mostly after each stage (lineart, colour base, rendering, additional rendering etc)

  • Client must be able to afford full payments of these services in accordance to the listings

  • The artist needs to be notified if there’s a deadline to abide to, and make sure it’s within the timeframe the artist can complete the request


  • The artist must be reached to for the request and visual references

  • 50% refund after work started

  • No refund after passing the sketch stage

  • A full refund will only be issued back if the artist cannot complete the request due to circumstances.

  • If there is a delay, the client will be notified

  • Do not rush or harass the artist to complete the request

  • Small edits are free until the artwork enters rendering stage, otherwise it’s $5 per small edit, $10-$20 per large edit *

*This does not apply to the “Wing it” listing. The artist is free to draw independently unless there’s a significant flaw with the character.

Speedpaint option

On some of the ko-fi listings, there will be an option to record the process of the art as a speedpaint, which will be posted on YouTube along with the appropriate credentials. If interested, please speak to me before choosing this add-on. Recording of the process will start past the sketch stage. The request will also need to abide to YouTube guidelines (no blood, no nudity, etc)

The client CAN use the artwork for these purposes:

  • Use artwork as an icon/pfp or headers on social media or messengers (eg twitter, tumblr, instagram, discord, etc)

  • Print artwork out for personal use only in their own home

  • Desktop, phone wallpapers, or other personal use customizations

The client CANNOT use the artwork for these purposes:

  • Use artwork to resell, or any monetary gain

  • Editing, tracing, or altering my work in any way to resell, commercial or not

  • Removing my signature/name from piece

  • Mass produced merchandise, physical or digital (eg prints, keychains, etc)

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), or machine learning/feeding on sites like dall-e, mid journey, dream ai, stable diffusion, and any other apps or platforms that offer these services. This is strictly prohibited.

  • Usage of blockchains, NFTs, crypto usage, or anything similar in this vein.

  • Trading, buying or selling, whether it is or isn’t under crypto

  • Reposting on a 3rd party account or site without my consent

The client may purchase commission as a gift for someone else, however I’ll need to be notified and consent to who the 3rd party is, and that person will also need to abide to the TOS


WILL DO: The content will get greenlit the most easily

DEPENDS: I will need to be asked first to see if it’s something I can do

WON’T DO: I will not draw anything under this category

BLACKLIST: Offensive/hurtful material, or prohibited

WIll do

  • Fem/Masc/Androgyny/ etc characters

  • Different body types and gender expression

  • Humans/Humanoids (mostly human with some unhuman characteristics)

  • Wings/simple animal characteristics on humans or humanoids (eg demons, cat-girls)

  • OCs


  • Furries (I can do mammals, and simple animal features. I won’t do bug anatomy - unless it’s wings - or complex animal characteristics)

  • Monster characters (same as furries, non-organic is mostly fine)

  • Certain fandoms (There are some fandoms I will/will not draw for)

  • Nudity (artistic, not crossing the line into NSFW)

  • Pinups (same as nudity)

  • Horror-related (I can do creepy/horror but there’s a limit to how disturbing it is, and no gore/guro)

  • Blood depiction (same as horror)

won’t do

  • NSFW/Fetish Art

  • Complex/complicated designs

  • Feral furries

  • Gore/guro

  • Upsetting subject matter (eg. suicidal ideation)

  • Mecha/Giant Robots


Bigotry, hateful content, illegal, Crypto/AI related, and any content that goes against ko-fi rules is strictly prohibited, and I will not consider accepting you as a client now or in the future.

I have the right to refuse service

Submitting a commission request means you have read the TOS, order info, and therefore comply with all the information stated on this page as well as the ko-fi listings.

Written August 2023
Updated September 2023 [Order info]

The TOS is subject to change

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